The Observer Building is seeking a leisure operator with significant expertise, enthusiasm and financial backing to help us build a healthy, inclusive leisure offer for local people.

The operator would take a long lease on a portion of the Alley Level floor, and potentially a portion of the mezzanine floor if desirable.

We’re looking for operators offering inclusive and healthy leisure activities (e.g. climbing centre, gym, circus school, escape rooms, bouldering, paintballing, archery/hammer throwing, adventure games) 

This is the opportunity to acquire a rare town centre space benefiting from double height ceilings and develop your business in a distinctive part of town undergoing extensive community-led regeneration. There will also be an active effort to support independent businesses in leisure, food and drink to establish themselves along the alleyway.

In three years, the immediate area will be a lively urban commons mixing homes and leisure, learning and creative businesses. The diverse offer will attract visitors from Hastings and beyond, but crucially the area will be protected from rent rises and instability through stable community ownership and capped rents.


We will be accepting applications from potential tenants by 9am on 15th December 2019. Read full brief for details on how to apply.

The Alley Main Hall
The Alley Main Hall
The Alley and entrance to the Alley Main Hall
The Alley