We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic brewery to become an anchor tenant in the Observer Building, The brewery will take a long lease on a portion of the Alley Level floor to develop an industrial brewery. As an anchor tenant you will play an active and formal role in the development of the whole building, especially the alley level. You will essentially become part of our team and work alongside us to make decisions on how the spaces are being regenerated.

This is the opportunity not only to acquire a rare town centre industrial space benefiting from double height ceilings, but also the potential for a taproom in a unique area of town undergoing extensive community-led regeneration. In three years, the immediate area will be a lively urban commons mixing homes and leisure, learning and creative businesses. The diverse offer will attract visitors from Hastings and beyond, but crucially the area will be protected from rent rises and instability through stable community ownership and capped rents.

The chosen brewery would meet the same criteria as all White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures tenants:

  • They will demonstrate that they need affordable space
  • The will be locally rooted employing, procuring, contributing and/or living locally
  • They will be enthusiastic about the ethos of WRNV and the neighbourhood (community self-management, creating local social impact, DIY regeneration, collaboration, continuous learning)
  • They will be willing to contribute to the physical and social upkeep of the spaces and the neighbourhood.

For more detail on the opportunity, download:

DEADLINE for applications – Monday 16 September 2019, 5pm