Our Photographers

Four Lenses: creative interpretations of the Observer Building’s evolution


The Four Lenses project brings together four local photographers’ perspectives on the resuscitation of the Observer Building and the wider neighbourhood – the people, the places, the challenges and the value it creates. Each practitioner brings their distinct approach and style to the documentation, giving a rich and multi-faceted picture of the building’s evolution over time.

The art works created will be exhibited in the Observer Building on 6-8 September at 12-5pm and will form an archive for posterity of the Observer Building’s transformation.


John Cole – “I will be working on a continuation of ongoing Unsung Heroes project, similar to the style in which I documented the workers at the Jerwood and the Pier. I will focus on portraits of the men and women who do the actual hands-on work: the architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, concrete workers, carpenters, roofers, etc. Really anyone and everyone working on site to bring our Observer Building back to life.”

Benedict Stenning – “I am creating an artistic photographic narrative reflecting on the building as it was and how it was used to what it is now and what it hopes to become.  A mirror to the past and a window to the future.

My interests lie in the stories from its past which are etched into the very fabric of the building and the hopes and dreams of the new tenants who plan to breathe new life into it and resurrect it as a community hub.’

Cathy Teesdale – “For the past four years I have been celebrating humanity, character and community through my Humans of Greater London project, sharing thousands of portraits and stories via our Humans of London book and Facebook page. I feel I’m best at capturing colourful, candid and naturalistic portraits and action shots, so capturing the energy and character of the workshops, trainings and people working within the Observer Building would be my primary focus.”

Jonny Thompson – “I’ve documented the redevelopment of Rock House next door since it started in 2015, and this building seems to be the next stage of that journey. My work will continue in a similar vein with photographing new tenants and neighbours in White Rock. It’s a new life for the building and I’ll be documenting the new lives about to enter it.”